mardi 4 décembre 2012


D'habitude je note les sources, cette fois non. Sans doute un extrait d'un article du New York Times que je retrouve, enregistré comme brouillon, il y a quelques semaines au moment où je m'apprête à rédiger le commentaire de l'Herbe des jours de Modiano, où il sera beaucoup question de carnets de notes...
 « The patterns of neural activation when we’re reading for pleasure are not the same as those when we’re reading critically.

Not all reading is created equal, even when we’re using all of our cognitive resources to process it. For, that’s the beauty of the setup. It’s not that subjects are distracted in one condition and not in the other. They are equally attentive in both, equally immersed in the reading, equally responsive to the text. And yet—their attention patterns are not the same. An instruction to change literary attention not only changes the type of information you extract from the reading; it also changes how your brain responds to it. The readers are modulating their attention consciously, and at a deep level. »

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